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Our mission is to revolutionize the consumer experience for an untapped market ‘the new class hybrid’, the consumer who adheres to the ‘Browse Online & Buy Offline’ principle. This consumer is not defined by age, but rather by lifestyle, someone who values wellness, sustainability, technology, community and local concepts.

We specialise in creating customised branded computer interactions, which are more natural for consumers to engage with. We leverage the power of gestures, Augmented Reality (AR) and Geo-Fencing to create innovative and compelling experiences.

In addition we offer brands a sound analytics platform to narrow their target markets and focus more accurately on their consumer needs. It promises to attract consumers with innovation, less stress and greater convenience, all the elements necessary to instill consumer confidence– particularly with more and more e-commerce platforms on the rise.

Our Partner

Our dynamic team of strategists, user experience designers as well as computer vision and data experts have been creating Augemented Reality (AR) solutions since 2008. Zugara are responsible for the global adoption and distribution of the webcam technology known as Webcam Social Shopper (WSS). In addition multiple patents have also been granted within the AR retail space, some of which are still pending.

Utilising the Kinect v2′s advanced hardware, our software can now better synchronize apparel assets to a body map, improve motion and gesture tracking and use background subtraction to insert high definition virtual background images.


As we look to the future, a hybrid form of commerce is emerging, one in which shoppers move seamlessly between the physical and digital worlds of retailing as they research products and make purchases.

With consumers searching online and buying offline; searching offline and possibly buying online; or buying online with the option for in-store collection there is a crossing of paths between the physical and digital realms.

Our digital solutions can be customized to suit all industries. This offering has the potential to increase sale conversions, enhance brand awareness and improve consumer engagement.



Instead of dealing with change rooms and bad lighting, customers can virtually try on clothes, jewellery and various accessories on in store or in the comfort of their own preferred environment.



Why not try out the latest beauty trends, from eyeliner to lipstick across all colors and brand in a fun, convenient and not to mention hygienic way?



Travellers who are planning that annual holiday but can’t decide between skiing in the mountains and snorkeling in a tropical paradise

Why not taste the experience before securing that travel booking?



Fans can get up close and personal with their favorite teams, from trying on vintage jerseys to being part of the action in stadiums.



Imagine a newly launched range of SUVs, where buyers can 'virtually' customise their own vehicle’s finishes according to their own preferences in real-time.

Geo Fencing


Imagine connecting with your consumer in real time with a technology that transmits your latest offers and information via their smartphones as they enter a specified radius within your retail space?

Gain a better understanding of the traffic patterns within a retail environment, staying connected with the consumers and tracking activity on retail floors.

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